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Creative City

Dec 19, 2016

Creative City The Committee for Greater Shepparton is focused on creativity in all areas – from arts to design to our agricultural and manufacturing industries. We have undertaken a community consultation process to learn more about creativity in our region. Creativity can come in a variety of forms. Below is some amazing graffiti art that I captured in…

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Shepparton to host Beach Volleyball World Tour Series in March 2017/2018

Dec 15, 2016

Shepparton to host Beach Volleyball World Tour Series Shepparton has secured one of two events on the Beach Volleyball World Tour – the other event will be in Manly NSW. The event will occur at the north end of the Victoria Park lake March 3 to 5 2017 and again in 2018. 700 tonnes of…

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Shepparton’s Many Great Things

Nov 30, 2016

We do have a lot to offer in Shepparton. If your new to the area or travelling, watch this video to see what we do have to offer or click on the Shepparton Many Great Things website.

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Shepparton Bypass

Sep 20, 2016

Shepparton Bypass If you wish to stay informed about the GV Highway Shepparton Bypass please click here. The Goulburn Valley Highway is an essential transport route, connecting the Goulburn Valley region with Melbourne. It also forms a vital link in the national highway system between Melbourne and Brisbane. Parts of the Goulburn Valley Highway around…

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The journey of Committee for Greater Shepparton

Sep 2, 2016

The journey of Committee for Greater Shepparton Shepparton artist Mimi Leung has chartered the beginnings, journey, and future of Committee for Greater Shepparton. Watch this amazing video unfold.

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John Hearsch says Shepparton is ‘today’s poor rail relation’

Sep 2, 2016

Leading rail consultant John Hearsch visited Shepparton to address the Committee for Greater Shepparton members. He spoke of the report he co-authored, ‘InterCity’, which explores was regional rail can re-balance population growth and create a state of cities in Victoria. The report identifies Shepparton as ‘today’s poor rail relation’ and proposes that Shepparton could support…

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