About the Committee

The Committee for Greater Shepparton was established in 2013. Guided by its four strategic pillars, it has been active in all areas of improving the economic development and liveability of Greater Shepparton.

Our Board and Executive Team drive and deliver the strategic outcomes for the Committee for Greater Shepparton.

Our Vision for Greater Shepparton

Greater Shepparton is a growing, vibrant regional city leveraging on what it has always done well - irrigated agriculture, with a diversified economy focused on emerging agricultural opportunities, the manufacturing sector and professional service delivery.

Greater Shepparton will be known for the quality of its educational opportunities, its progressive and positive outlook, and the way it which it fosters the aspirations and ambitions of its young people and those suffering disadvantage.

The regional will grow while focusing on sustainability -  of our environment, our development, and our use of resources for a productive economy.

Strategic Pillars

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Enable business development across a diversified economy including agriculture, the service sector and manufacturing. 

  • The economy will continue to grow, recovering from the local impacts of COVID to build on from the 10 per cent increase in gross regional product over the 2016-2019 period.
  • Integrated agriculture will be sustainable and affordable, with no more water removed from the GMID consumptive pool.
  • Existing businesses will expand, have their competitiveness enhanced, and new businesses will be attracted.
  • Business will manage transition in the post COVID-19 operating environment.
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Connected infrastructure creating a great place to live, work and visit.

  • The Shepparton bypass of the Goulburn Valley Highway project is underway.
  • There will be regular and fast rail services between Shepparton and Melbourne.
  • The leaders in the Greater Shepparton community have strong and positive links to members of government and opposition, both state and federal.
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People to realise their full potential. Create an inclusive community, ensuring everyone has access to educational and work opportunities. 

  • All students in Greater Shepparton will have access to high quality education, offering improved educational outcomes, student wellbeing and pathways into careers.
  • The tertiary sector will be strong, with increased options for students, increased enrolments and tangible links between courses and local positions that need to be filled.
  • Our people will be nurtured and our diversity celebrated. Everyone will feel included and valued within the broader community.
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A vibrant city where arts, culture, sustainable activated landscapes, and entrepreneurship is encouraged and fostered.

  • Greater Shepparton will be known for its vibrant, visible and accessible arts scene.
  • The image of Greater Shepparton will be greatly improved in the eyes of those within and outside the region.
  • A vibrant feel in Greater Shepparton will emerge as spaces become better activated and key precincts become firmly established as destinations for locals and visitors.
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