Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail Option

Published Feb 28, 2017 by Deanne Armstrong


Melbourne – Brisbane inland rail is an essential nation building project, but the alignment must be right. NTR’s proposal is not only shorter, flatter and faster, but it also services the two major irrigation areas in south eastern Australia : GMID and MIA

Let’s put the rail line where the freight is.

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What does this option mean for Victoria?

    • New 21st century food bowl alignment via Shepparton and Tocumwal is an ‘AND’ not an ‘OR’ option with existing Albury interstate route, will result in increased freight access to rail.
    • 48 intermodal freight trains per week would be taken off the Albury line when NTR’s full inland rail operations commence in 2022, rising to 63 trains per week by 2030.
    • Fully grade-separated and will bypass all urban areas (reducing traffic accidents, road congestion and improving amenity in rural towns).
    • Will result in a reduction of 700 truck movements per day on Victorian roads by 2031 (including a 35% reduction in truck movements on the Goulburn Valley Highway).

Who are National Truck Rail?

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Deanne Armstrong

Deanne Armstrong


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