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Our Vision for Greater Shepparton

Greater Shepparton is a growing, vibrant, regional city, leveraging on what it has always done well - irrigated agriculture with a diversified economy focused on emerging agricultural opportunities, the manufacturing sector and professional service delivery.

Greater Shepparton will be known for the quality of its educational opportunities, its progressive and positive outlook, and the way in which it fosters the aspirations and ambitions of its young people and those suffering disadvantage.

The region will grow while focusing on sustainability of our environment, our development, and our use of resources for a productive economy.

Becoming a member of Committee for Greater Shepparton (C4GS) gives you a voice in directing the future of the region and securing sustainable prosperity for generations to come. You belong to a group of leaders who are willing to share their insights and by investing in Greater Shepparton, have become an indispensable source of advice to government.

The main reasons people join the Committee for Greater Shepparton are:

Future Focused: Our work is strongly directed to driving and safeguarding the future prosperity and sustainability of Greater Shepparton. Our projects are target areas where we can see major future benefits for the region.

Leadership: Our membership, comprising most of the leading companies and organisation from across the region allows us to capture the insight vital to planning for a sustainable prosperous future.

Access: Our members are given a strong voice in identifying, discussing and directing key strategic issues affecting our city and region at all levels of government.

Network: Members are provided opportunities to tap into the collective business and strategic insight of other members at various closed forums. This includes members’ events held across the calendar year.

James Merlino with our Education representatives

How Do We Advocate?

Guided by our four strategic pillars of Grow, Build, Empower and Create, underpinned by a principle of Sustainability, the C4GS drives the vision for a positive future.

Through the facilitation of closed forums for members, community consultation and the establishment of strong and positive links to members of government and key decision makers, the C4GS captures leadership insights to influence policy and advocate on important local issues.

By confronting the regions challenges and fostering positive developments, the C4GS targets areas with major future benefits. These include leveraging existing and emerging opportunities within agriculture, manufacturing and professional services.

The strategic leadership aims to create initiatives to attract a highly skilled and motivated workforce to the region, while positioning the Goulburn Valley as the Australian centre for dairy and horticulture.

Why Is Advocacy Important?

The C4GS's strategic imperative is to give locals a voice, make a real difference and drive better outcomes for everyone.

By collaborating, creating cohesion among industries and sharing leadership insights, the result is a positive region with a positive energy. Building an inclusive community that empowers its people, results in improved continuity between government and the community.

The C4GS vision and long-term plan for the region is focused on assisting people to realise their full potential, to create better activated community spaces and forging opportunities to build a renewable, green economy. Through powerful advocacy, the C4GS contributes towards an economy that continues to grow, expanding existing business and attracting new business.

So take a seat at the table and be part of the future direction and sustainable prosperity of our region.

Become a Member

The Executive board seeks leaders within the community to form part of the Committee for Greater Shepparton Membership.

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