Shepparton Festival Launches!

Published Jan 25, 2018 by Bec White

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The Shepparton Festival has launched for 2018.


Shepparton Festival has launched for 2018 and details about the launch can be found here.

Festivals are about celebration, the gathering of people to revel in arts, culture, food and community. They seamlessly transform a known place into an exciting festival space.

The 2018 Shepparton Festival will create that transformation. Presented across 17 days from Friday 2 to Sunday 18 March the Shepparton Festival will design a multi art celebration offering the community a platform from which they can artistically and culturally express themselves.

From incredible culinary, to community cultural celebrations, musical talents for all tastes and activities for the young and young at heart, the 2018 Shepparton Festival By Design will embrace all that Greater Shepparton represents. It encourages connections to the environment, challenges artists, community groups and organisations to engage with local industries to connect through process and practice.

Featuring key events partnerships with Splinter Contemporary Artists, Shepparton Textiles Association, Shepparton Theatre Arts Group, Riverlinks, La Trobe University, Fairley Foundation, Greater Shepparton City Council, Kaiela Gallery, River Connect, SAM, Polygot Theatre, Awaken Dance Theatre Company, Westside Circus, Shepparton Shorts committee, Shepparton Albanian Harvest Festival, Teller Collective, Longleat Estate, Tallis Winery, Women’s Charter Alliance, SLAP and many more, the 2018 Shepparton Festival By Design is 54 events over 17 days.

Pick up a copy of the Festival Guide or jump online to view all the events and book your tickets from February at

General Manager Amanda McCulloch, Chairperson Fiona Smollenaars and Creative Director Crag Carrick                                        Photo Source: Shepparton News


Bec White

Bec White


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